Every Journey begins when you get your a s s out the door

After alot of prodding by my fearless leader, Vikas, I’ve decided to start a blog.
why? well, primarily to provide a record of all my crazy ideas and thoughts so I can see what i’ve done and how i’ve progressed as my time at microsoft goes by. Maybe anybody reading will find something they like too. So as the title suggests, lets just get into it and see where we go.
who am i? Ngoc-Huong Nguyen, originally born in Michigan. Went to Michigan State University, spent a few years puttering around till i settled into Electrical Engineering. Loved it, but also had a torrid love affair with photography my senior year. Graduated and moved to New York ( upstate, not the city ) and worked for Lockheed Martin. 5 best and worst years of my life. I think you can learn as much from a shit job as a good job, but the experience is much less pleasant. However, did make many great friends and during that time pretty much learned everything about life that my family ( 1st generation vietnamese ) had prevented me from learning. 🙂 horribly depressed after the death of my dad in a car accident in 2003, I moved to Washington to live with my sister. She hooked me up with a job working for her doing web design and graphic design. One year and a half later, by pure chance, I got a chance to apply at Microsoft and here I am.
long story short: I love it. Maybe i’m still in new hire heaven, but I totally dig the company. I don’t love everything they do, and I don’t always use their products ( illustrator versus publisher, hello? ), but as a company to work for, i’m 100% with it.
current project: Tagging. Tagging, oh glorious tagging. I’m a neophyte, but its a great space to be working in, and i’ll be posting some of my ideas about it here in the future. Basically i’m not a big tagging/social bookmarking guy. My goal for myself is to figure out why, and if I can convince myself to start, I think that will go a long way toward solving the question of how do we get a greater set of the existing population to use it.
So thats it. I guess you’ll know more as i write more. 🙂 thanks for reading.
p.s. a s s is banned? doh

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