Leaving on a jet place…

So tomorrow i’m going to Atlanta for a Code Camp. First time i’ve been sent out on business for Microsoft so i’m both scared and excited. 🙂 I’ll be giving a presentation on working as a tester in a SCRUM/Agile environment. I hope to get some good feeback, and I’ll be posting the deck i’ve created up here when I get back. What does it really mean to be a tester in an Agile environment? I can only talk about it from the perspective of someone who has only known it to be that way. I’ve never worked in a waterfall environment as a software tester, but I have to say, working in an Agile environment is incredibly gratifying.
I worked at Lockheed for almost 5 years, and it was torturous. That place was a total waterfall model, and the chances of a junior engineer making a signifcany contribution on the design side of a project were extremely low. Projects were multi-year affairs and almost every single project I worked on there had already begun a significant time before I had even joined. I will say this though, there was a certain something that was nice in knowing that your project was secure for the longest time. Personally, I would gladly trade some security for opportunity, but I can see the allure.
Hopefully I won’t be a knucklehead and forget my camera. I’ll try to take some pictures and get back into it. My D70 is languishing for me to get off my a ss…
Man, that profanity filter is really starting to piss me off. Next post after the post where I return is going to be about that thing. super annoying.
p.s. Nice! it only filters out the language in the title field. I’m definitely mollified by that.

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