Long time no see and a Movie review of Journey from the Fall

Sorry for not posting in forever. I have been super busy with my house and work. Big thing at work was the refresh of my project into Beta 2.0. Same URL, but now the new hotness versus the old, busted stuff. 🙂


Check it out. We’ll be trying to refresh it on a semi-regular basis now that we’ve got some steam. If you haven’t heard of it before, its a social bookmarking and tagging site. A little bit like Del.icio.us, but we’re hoping to do some new things to.

Anyway, onto the good stuff. 😛 For mother’s day me and my sister took my mom out to see "Journey from the Fall". Its an independent film production portraying the experiences of the Vietnamese people at the end of the war. Its not entirely biographical, but rather a pastiche of different people’s experiences merged to form one picture that encompasses many people experiences. Also, before I proceed, in full disclosure I’m Vietnamese, but born here.

I really enjoyed the film. First off, technically the film is highly proficient. That is to say, the cinematography was excellent and the digital/film they used looked excellent as well. I mention this because generally cheaper film/TV productions tend to have this garish look that screams "cheap cheap cheap". Additionally, the music was well-done and appropriate.

Question: What is the first song w/ lyrics that plays during the film? When Long is being dragged into the box for the first time, there is this song and I have looked all over for the title/singer/lyrics and I can’t find anything!

Anyway, story-wise, I think this film definitely has a few cliches, but the restrained tone and overall excellent acting makes them completely tolerable and even enhance the story because of the emotion involved. This film has some moments that telegraphed in much earlier scenes, but the delivery is excellent and makes the emotional payoff worth it inspite of the clumsy prep. For those of you with crappy or non-existent Vietnamese ( I’m raising my hand here… ) the subtitles are clearly legible and for the most part printed slowly enough for most people to read without any difficulties. My Vietnamese is not good, but from what I could tell the translation was mostly appropriate, only making a few gaffs/modifications for things that don’t translate well. I.e. Ba Noi is, well, Ba noi, in the entire film. This title and indication of origin from the males side of the family is non-translatable into English, so the subtitles/credits indicate that this is here name.

Final Summary: Highly recommended. I would definitely bring some tissues, because I even cried during one part. Even if you were not part of the "boat people", the scenes in America are picture perfect for any Vietnamese child or adult who lived during that period. Highly resonant with me, and I think any Vietnamese person. Additionally, I think any non-Vietnamese person will find an excellent film, especially if they enjoy "Merchant Ivory" type films or smaller foreign film productions.


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