Sorry Helen & Marty for my extreme tardiness…

so these are the final selection of shots from the wedding from OVER 2 Years AGO!!! After I moved here, I pretty much lost all motivation for anything besides videogames, so these never got done. But that is neither here nor there, about the pictures!

All were shot with a Nikon D70 w/ SB800 flash. I managed to lose a great deal of the photos, all the junk ones, but I felt pretty bad about that. I think I sent Helen and Marty a CD with the series of photos I had picked out as "better", that thankfully weren’t lost. I narrowed that down to these nine. I hope guys enjoy these. My photoshopping isn’t amazing, but I think that a little judicious cropping and whatnot really has brought out the beauty in the pictures.

Enjoy guys!


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