HTC Vox S710 Windows Mobile Standard 6 Phone Review

I’ve had this phone a long time. I’ve been eyeing a different phone, but the combination of having just laid off and waiting for the G2 nee HTC Magic has me buying a new battery for this one. I’ll be brief.

Why I got the phone:

I wanted a smart phone. I wanted the Internet and I wanted to be able to check my schedule and mail from my phone. I was also looking for something on GSM with Wifi. Didn’t care about 3G.

Good things:

Full keyboard. Yeah, the layout is a little funky – see the reviews, but its great to just jam out a short note. Keypad for dialing was great and no sliding necessary. GSM and unlocked. I used this bad boy in Vietnam and it worked like a charm. Quad-band, the full works, it was awesome. SD card support. The phone has a measly 64 MB or something, but the 2GB card works awesome and stores all the big things like photos.

The bad:

I bought the phone for battery life, but let me tell you something: HTC put a shit battery in this thing. I’ve had the phone a little over a year and the battery life is to the point where I have about 20 minutes talk time and I dies even if the battery reading is 3/4 bars. Its slooooooooow. The 200 MHz processor is really slow sometimes. Or is could be the laughably small memory – I use the task manager to kill all unused processes to keep the speed up.

The ugly:

Windows mobile 6. I’m sorry – it was a great introduction at first, but there are so many poor use cases in the OS I can’t say its good. First of all, the OS is VERY difficult to figure out and what makes it worse is that Standard and professional differ and even WM standard packages very from phone to phone! I know its supposed to be a modular core, but its super annoying because things that work on one phone may not on another because the options are different. Active Sync has a really hard time keeping your phone synced sometimes and I just straight up gave up on syncing with a cable. Fortunately syncing over the air has been pretty much flawless – kudos here.

FIX THE GODDAMN ALARM CLOCK! I know its a "low" priority feature, and we can buy phone app’s, and etc etc. But seriously, if you ever have another feature like that which is broken over several releases, just question why its even in the phone. Over a 1 week period I was about ready to break my phone because it kept waking me up, or rendering itself unusable the first few minutes I turned it one because ALL the alarms kept going off because they were stuck in the notification queue. Oh yeah, and after using SKTools to clear them out, now my phone wakes up from hibernate everytime it checks the mail because I cleared out a wrong notification. Yeah yeah, its my fault…well how about its totally messed up that I had to clear out the notification queue????? Because I was using the alarm????

I mean, I could just go on and on, but I don’t want to. Dude, I wanted to love my phone. I’m still looking for a phone to love. The e-mail and calendar experience is top notch. But the phone has to be more than that. That would be like buying a computer ONLY for outlook. I wanna listen to music ( uh, hello 3.5 mm jack ), I want to watch videos ( even on 320×240 its choppy ), I wanna browse the Internet sometimes ( IE….ouch ), I want to switch between keyboards ( pull out the full keyboard, wait 2-3 seconds ), I want to travel over seas and not worry about data charges ( you have to go into GPRS and put in fake data… ). I want to love my phone. Seriously.


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