I’m back!

As you can tell by the phone review, I’m posting again. Quick rundown since last time:

1) got engaged

2) Went to Vietnam

3) got laid off from Microsoft

I’ve got a lot to say about the last 2, but now is not the time. I’m still sifting through the pictures and hope to post them up so my family here and in Vietnam can see them.

Getting laid off sucks, no doubt. But honestly, its good for me in way. The MSDN online team was just not for me. I’m not going to go into all the crap on the team, but I can boil it down to 1 thing: The test team had no vision. We were testing things but we didn’t have a vision of how we should be doing it. And lacking that, it was my fault for not having a vision for myself. Getting laid off made some things pretty clear, and I’ve been studying like crazy. I’ve mostly been going off of Visual C# 205 How to program 2/e by Deitel and Deitel. I’ll post a review and links in my books section later, but its an awesome book. I’ve also installed the XNA framework and will be trying to learn how to make some games. We’ll see how that goes, but you gotta love something, and I love hardware and games. Making games is what I can do today, so we’ll see about the hardware later ( hopefully more stuff like the phone review ).

Speaking of games, I’ve really gotten back into Soul Calibur in a BIG way. Soul Calibur IV or SC4 really brought back my love of the series. Playing the first one and this one back to back definitely shows changes, but what doesn’t change? I’ll keep the game stuff off of here mostly unless its about development, but if you care, i’m posting under the name Tactu a lot on what I consider the best site: www.8wayrun.com. I’m mostly posting about Maxi. My latest post was about the skill projects by WCMaxi from the old http://www.GuardImpact .com site. Its dead now, but I’ll be archiving the contents on the new site from mirrors on web archive.

Okay, back to studying. Out.


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