Your life in pictures

As storage and the cameras themselves get cheaper, we will accumulate more and more pictures. Unfortunately, that means the amount of time we spend editing pictures grows as well. I’ve got a backlog about 5 years long of photos. I’ve resolved to work my way through them to try to get to the present, so you’ll see more photo galleries being added. You might have already noticed a few new albums being added. A few galleries will get their own posts, but most of these just need a little blurb which I will post after a decent number have been added. So without further ado:

1) The accidental kitten

I used to own 3 cats, or maybe they owned me would be a better way to say it. 🙂 I’m down to 1 now 😦 and how I lost the other 2 is another story, but this one is about the kitten I got by my carelessness. 2 of the cats were girls, and their names were The Cheat and Mimi. Mimi escaped one day and I got her back a little while later, so it didn’t phase me at all. I noticed later that she was getting fat and used to tease her about it. One day, while I was taking a nap, I was awoken by the sound of panting. Looking down, I saw a GIANT pool of blood and several very dead looking kittens. The kitten in the pictures was the only survivor. I got Mimi fixed after that. lol. I gave the kitten away to Jason and Peri, a nice couple who later moved to California. The kittens original name was Lover-boy, or Trai Lo(???) in Vietnamese. They renamed him to Bort.

2) Vancouver with the ex-girlfriend

My first girlfriend in Seattle. This trip is full of ex’s because the other couple sadly split up to. Probably the best thing about this album is the great B&W I took of the mall roof. And it makes my fiance mad at me that I posted the pictures. LOL

3) Crankworx/Whistler Trip

Traveled with my sister’s family and her husbands dad to a downhill biking event. We also got to see Whistler and walk around the glacier. Pretty fun, and I also got a GIANT handful of condoms that I’m sure shocked the hell out of my mom when she was snooping around my room. Don’t ask. Great pictures, and I wish I’d processed some of the family shots. Putting this up made me change my policy of editing photos. What good are pictures if they never have any people?

4) Skydiving in New York

Totally amazing, especially doing the Accelerated Free Fall class. That means they jump out with you but you pilot the chute down yourself. Still, it always make me sad looking at these pictures. Mark Lepkowski RIP. I’ll always remember him this way.


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