Floods and The Great Seattle Move of ‘05

More photos from my past. These are from my move to Seattle. Check out the album!

1) Flooded house

2005 was a CRAZY year for me. I had just quit my job at Lockheed Martin and was getting ready to move to Seattle. I had flown my friend Sean Fitzgerald out to help me move and drive cross country when just before leaving, one of the worst floods to hit Upstate New York in over 10 years. My friends put us up until the waters receded, but in spite of our preparations, the flooding in the house hit all but the highest floor. You can see some pictures of the house, but here is the basement afterwards:

Post Flood Basement

The mud was an inch think and was infested with sewage and whatever else you can think of. My friends later told me the entire house was condemned and torn down. I suppose its hard to imagine if you haven’t gone through it, but a flood is probably one of the worst things you can experience. The worst part about the flood is what it does to things after the waters recede. Anything touched by the water will be damaged and it leaves behind a horrible stench as the nutrient rich mud deposited by the flood waters coat everything in sight.

2) KPOF Catholic Radio in Denver

So after leaving Upstate New York, Sean and I have an uneventful drive to my mom’s place in Michigan. After a few days of R&R, we head off to our next destination: Denver. The purpose of this visit is mainly to meet a girl my mom was trying to set me up with. That is a story for another day, but to get to the point, right before we head into Denver proper, we spy a MASSIVE red building. I head off the freeway to check it out. Apparently its called “The Big Red Castle” and it runs a radio station. We didn’t know that at the time, but the building is absolutely gorgeous and in the middle of nowhere. Totally awesome.

The Big Red Castle KPOF Radio Studios

3) Denver Proper

We stayed with my mom’s good friend in Seattle. During the evening I was suppose to hang out with the girl, but during the day, she was busy at school, so Sean and I took a tour of the town. Did you know Denver has a Mint? Sorry, no pictures inside the mint, it’s not allowed for security purposes. And a pretty awesome Capitol building if I may say so myself. My friend’s mom has a super nice place and treated us like son’s coming home from war. A bit out of the way if you ever drive across the U.S., but I liked Denver.

The Capitol Building:

Capitol Dome

Denver’s Public Library:

Me at the Denver LIbrary

Denver has a GIANT amphitheatre in the center of the downtown:

Top of the world ma!

4) The Flaming Gorge and The Craters of the Moon

I’ll never know how we ended up in Flaming Gorge. I guess from what Sean and I can remember, we were at a gas station or an Arby’s or something, when this older guy, maybe early 40’s spins us a yarn about this gorge in the West that’s so fucking beautiful, at sunset it looks like its on fire. So it gets the name Flaming Gorge and done deal, right? Well, apparently the Flaming Gorge we went to was a desolate wasteland populated by dead cows, and crows. Maybe we weren’t suppose to come in the winter time, or maybe we went to the wrong Flaming Gorge? I dunno. But in the end, it was a good time.

Flaming Gorge

The Crater’s of the Moon was Sean’s idea. Apparently he and Sarah had wanted to see it on their road trip into Seattle, but had missed it. I think it probably would have been a great idea, but when Sean and I went, the park was completely deserted. In fact, in retrospect, I think the park was probably closed to the public entirely and somehow we just waltzed into the place. It was pretty eerie, the place had not a single other visitor and we just had free reign of the place. It got boring in the sameness, but a strange sight to behold at first glance.

Craters of the Moon

One final thing. In my photos I found an old picture of my beloved CRX. 1989 Honda CRX Si with 5-speed transmission. I learned so much about cars on that thing. I’m glad there was an old shot of the car in its glory. I sold it to some boy racer kids later on and they turned it into some The Fast and the Furious looking thing, but here she is in her stock glory.

Farewell CRX

We totally took the shot as a total fluke. We were talking about stuff when Sean mentioned his brother always took a picture of his car wherever he went. I did NOT do this, but this one shot was taken on that note.


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