A Tale of 2 Batteries

If you read my HTC Vox S710 review, you may remember that one of my major gripes with the phone was the terrible battery life. Being the enterprising individual I am, I started checking out alternatives to getting a new phone since I wanted to save money. If you check out the official HTC replacement battery options, you’ll see that they cost around $40.00 USD. Now, considering you can pick up some cheap dumb phone for that much, it’s not a very appealing option. If you dig deeper you’ll find a whole mess of battery options for dirt cheap. I mostly looked on eBay, but you can find similar items online.

I chose eBay because the prices are even cheaper than online, more like 8 dollars. I won my auction for $7.90 USD and free shipping! I admit, I was trepidatious about the whole thing, but reasoning if it was totally bogus, the worst off I’d be was 8 dollars poorer, I pulled the trigger.

It arrived in a non-descript manila envelope in some bubble wrap and that’s about it. Looking at it for the first time did not leave a good impression. Janky as hell is about the best way to describe what I felt.  I mean, look at these 2 shots comparing the new (left) and old (right) batteries:


HTC S710 old and new batteries 1

HTC S710 old and new batteries 2

I mean, jeez! The new battery was about as stiff as a wet piece of paper and looked like its contents were about ready to come out if I looked at it wrong. To top it off, its poor construction made its shape slightly larger than the actual battery opening, and in trying to force it in, I just about tore off the plastic end cap on one end. Take a look!

HTC S710 old and new batteries 3

At this point I was scared that if I put the battery into my phone it would spontaneously combust, sending me to an ignoble end to save a measly 30 dollars. Never being one to be accused of too much caution, I stuffed the battery in and hit the power button.

It turned on and buzzed in my hands, going through its normal boot up without any issues.  I sighed with relief and once the phone was done with its ( painfully slow ) startup, the phone was sitting there with 3 bars of juice. Nothing to get too excited about, because my other battery said that too, only to fuck me right in the ass as soon as I tried to do anything such as place a call, check e-mail, look of the time, etc. Relieved that the phone simply didn’t blow up, I got ready for bed and set the phone down next to my bed. Here was the true test. After sitting around all night, if I could get up and check Microsoft’s stock and the New York Times from bed, then the battery would be declared a success. Sleep….

Next morning I checked the phone. 2 bars! Let’s see what it had. At this point, the phone floored me. It took everything I had and laughed. Gmail, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, stocks, I even turned on the Wi-Fi and browsed some sites. The battery life hardly budged! Not believing it I carried the phone with me all day and evening and charged it over night to 100%. Damn! The phone was AMAZING! I had long phone calls, walks in the park, internet, e-mail, everything! The phone would even safely go for 2 days on a single charge! In fact, the battery life was so good that its made my happy with my phone again.

So many of the weaknesses of the phone become more tolerable with good battery life, or conversely they become worse with poor battery life. Think about it, if loading a web page too a long time AND sucked your battery dry, would you get pissed? But in the same scenario, if it took a long time, but didn’t drain any life, sure it would be annoying, but not a killer in the same way as the former scenario. I would recommend ANY Windows Mobile user to consider getting a new battery if they are unhappy with the phone. You can thank me later. 🙂 In case anyone is interested, I used this seller on eBay: http://myworld.ebay.com/centexwireless.


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