Costco Crap–Cuisine, clothes and cat food

In the old days, you used to have to buy things in small sizes. If you were lucky, you might be able to buy a party size bag of chips, but that was pretty much it. If you were really adventurous, you might order chicken wings by the bag from Swansons in that yellow truck, but that was weird, and they didn’t taste so hot anyway. Then, one day in the 80’s, Costco was born. It’s now a huge business, but since it started in Washington State and I grew up in Michigan, my first experience with the whole warehousing store business was actually with a copy cat: Sam’s Club.

You know, back then, the whole thing was pretty strange. Most stores wanted you to come in. Take a look around, smell all the tasty things you could eat, get all dong-razzled by the rows of goods. Sam’s Club in those days was very exclusive, it had a person at the door, and they sure as shit made sure you had a card before they let you in. I must have been like 14 or 15, scheming like an idiot with my friend to get in there; all we wanted to do was take a look around! Haha, now we all know that what’s inside those stores is pretty mundane, but to a kid it was a giant mystery to solve. So why talk about it now? Little kids now would probably roll their eyes at me, but Costco still has a little bit of magic. Sam’s Club was kind of a letdown, the people were always kind of rude on the East Coast (did you know they are suppose to say your name? I never found that out until I went with my friend Erik and they greeted him as Mr. Young), and the store just seemed a little stale. After walking into a Costco for the first time, I knew what I’d been missing.

It seems like these single stores have no purpose for the single person except to waste money – and if you were thinking purely about grocery shopping like a normal family/person, you’d be totally right. Somehow though, among all my single friends, Costco managed to stand out as a place that they’d continue to frequent, in spite of the fact that on the face of it, it was ridiculous. I mean, how the hell is 1 person going to consume that much stuff???

After shopping there a while, I realized why it was perfect for a single person: it had almost everything you’d need, in sufficient quality, and sufficient quantity. It also had a greatly reduced selection so you could totally get in and out without having to browse dozen’s of brands. Hell, 1/2 the time the only good choice was the Kirkland’s selection brand, and that made it even easier!

Anyway, what I’ll do sometimes from now on is post a short review of something I picked up at Costco. To forestall your next thought, no, I’m not gonna review the Costco hotdogs like thousands of other people. I’m going to put up some thoughts on something that might be awesome for a single guy (or gal… hey, they might be reading. I’m single! Smile with tongue out) or something sort of strange you might have wanted to try, or something sort of crappy. They’ll always be sorted under Costco and the post will start with Costco so if you want to skip, feel free. So to give you a preview of my next post, I’m going to review this food stuff I found in the pre-made refrigerated section that I thought might be good to freeze for later. See? Perfect single person food.


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