Deleting a Category from Windows Live Writer

A quick post here since I ran into this issue while writing my post introducing Costco reviews. I had mispelled “Costco” as “Costo” in the categories field. Naturally this was after adding it, so I thought, hey, no problem, I’ll just edit it.

Removing Bad Category

Problem is, you can’t. See my issue circled in red. Here’s a post on the MSDN forums about it:

Now, that’s a bit of a long thread with some misunderstanding going on, so let me take a quote from the MVP Kirk M.

I think the perceived problem here is that since Writer can add  a category and the blogging platform in question will accept this addition (via it’s API?), by the same token, Writer should be able to use the same path to delete a category as well. I realize that it’s not the same thing in practice but why the function(s) are perceived this way.

Kirk has a pretty good answer but let me summarize what you need to do:

  1. Add-in the correct category.
  2. Select the correct category for your post. See the highlights in the picture below.
    1. Removing Bad Category unselect
  3. Continue writing the blog post as usual
  4. Upload the blog post
  5. Close Windows Live Writer
  6. Restart Windows Live Writer
  7. Check the categories drop down. It should be updated. Check out the screen shot below.
    1. Removing Bad Category successful removal

The issue here is that they didn’t want the tool to override any of the behaviour of the hosted websites that Live Writer supports. I get that – but it’s a crappy user experience not to able to edit a tag they haven’t uploaded yet. This is especially crappy given that you can refresh the list, but it won’t update at all since they probably didn’t want to have refresh remove any non-uploaded categories. An easy way to do this would be to give an option to configure this behaviour, but hey, I know what seems easy on the outside sometimes isn’t for a variety of reasons. I’m just posting the workaround.


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