Clothes Store Quick Review(s): Kuhlman and Zebra Club

So today was a gorgeous day in the SEA and I thought I’d pick up my sister’s Christmas present down near Pike’s Place Market. After grabbing it and picking up a few tasty treats for lunch, I thought I’d make good use of the weather and walk over to Kuhlman which I’d been wanting to check out for a while. I also took a quick peek into Zebra Club which is listed as a retailer for Palladium Boots. Unfortunately they only had women’s boots, but I did take a quick look through the store. I didn’t browse too much since they didn’t have the boots, but there is definitely a lot of clothes there, and probably warrants a deeper look if you are into the “stylish” non-granola Seattle look.

So I walked over to Kuhlman after that and the store is on the West side of first. It’s really small, even more so than Everything’s Jake, but there is quite a bit of clothes inside so that’s not really the issue. I will try to come back again, but from looking at the men’s selection, it seems like the clothes are a bit overpriced and I need to return for a longer look, but some of the clothes seemed of a quality that did not befit the price. I checked several of the suits, including a Moods of Norway suit and while the lining was very colorful, I did not feel a free floating liner inside the suit which would indicate it was wholly fused instead of at least partially stitched. They stock this Italian brand and I did not see any plackart on the shirts, which is a little disappointing for shirts that are retailing for around $150 or more.

However, the blog and the care with which they promote their clothing still has me intrigued so I can’t write the place off until I go back and do a thorough impression of the clothes. The girl working the desk was friendly, but the tailor in back was very quiet so perhaps I should have gone out of my way to ask some questions about the construction of the clothes and such. The style here is more multi-faceted than Zebra Club, so that is a definite point in favor of the store. They had some cool Barbour gloves, and they did carry some cool looking coats (although no topcoats, but I sort of expected this).

Conclusion: Need more time to assess. Thus far Zebra club seems like a shoe place only (they carry Onitsuka Tigers and Palladium Boots) as the variation in the clothes is too limited. Kuhlman has some potential but seems VERY overpriced, but again I will need to review this place again.


2 thoughts on “Clothes Store Quick Review(s): Kuhlman and Zebra Club

  1. Hi nguyenn1,
    Thanks for stopping in at Zebra Club! I work for the company and wanted to let you know that we do in fact carry Palladium boots for men. In our downtown store, the styles (listed out below) sit on a display, and I’m guessing you might have passed this and headed straight towards the wall where the rest of the shoes are located. If you’d like, give me your email and I can send you a picture of what these boots look like.

    Baggy Canvas: Stonewash Khaki
    Baggy Leather: Black, Sunrise/Chocolate
    Pampa Hi Leather: Black
    Pampa Tactical: Black


    • Julia,

      Wow, I can’t believe you found my blog! I will come back and checkout the boots at the downtown store when I get a chance since I’d really like to check out the fit on them. I feel a little sheepish I missed the boots. I guess I locked onto the wall display…doh! Hope to hear from you soon, and thanks so much for correcting my ignorance. 😀


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