Costco Cuisine: Bellatoria Ultra Thin Crust Garlic Chicken Alfredo Frozen Pizza

Is there such a thing as good frozen pizza? It might be a stupid question, but when you’re a single guy, such questions will flitter across your mind as you wander the aisles of Costco. Unfortunately, it seems that there is a lot of crappy pizza out there. In particular at Costco, maybe there is someone out there that can cook the Digiorno pizza, but that particular brand continually eludes a good bake from me, with the lukewarm center and barely melted cheese acting as a prelude to the overcooked and massive crust with a thin disc of correctly cooked pizza in the middle. I’d just about given up on pizza when I spied the Bellatoria pizza box peeking out at me behind a stack of Digiorno pizzas. The first flavor I tried was Supreme and it was, well, Supreme! At least in comparison to what I’d been eating. Again disaster struck when Costco switched out the supreme flavor to the Chicken Alfredo. Would it be any good? Deciding that the apple couldn’t fall too far from the proverbial tree, I picked it up.

The Box

When you pick out the box, you’ll get a 3-pack that looks like this:

Costco Bellatoria box front

Don’t mind the yams, they were leftover from Thanksgiving. 🙂 Here is the back of the box:

Costco Bellatoria box back

Not much to say except there are NO microwave instructions. That’s a sign of goodness, and it moves us along to looking at the actual pizza:

The Pizza

Costco Bellatoria uncooked

Like most of the other frozen pizza’s in the world, the pie comes wrapped in plastic (not shown) and sits on top of cardboard. It’s a little hard to tell from the picture, but it is very thin as advertised. Here’s a close-up shot of the pizza:

Costco Bellatoria uncooked closeup

The chicken pieces are a little small, but not too much to expect from a frozen pizza. One of the things I did like is that the spices are noticeable even in the frozen state. Of course it could all be a ruse to make the pizza look good, but hey, it does help to look good. One mighty bonus with the thin crust is that the pizza cooks fairly fast.

The Cooking

My oven is medium temp (not too hot vs. too cold in comparison to the other ovens I’ve used), and following the directions, the pizza cooks in just about 15 minutes. I don’t time it after the initial 14 minutes or so because I like to brown the pizza to eye, but that’s right around the 10-15 minutes suggested and rather short when compared to thicker crust pizzas. I don’t use a fancy pizza stone or a baking sheet, I just toss mine on top of some aluminum foil, so if I used either one of those things it might speed up the cooking time. Here’s a shot of the pizza post cooking:

Costco Bellatoria postcooking

This pie looks awesome! The edge is browned up nicely and the cheese in the middle is completely melted. Take a look for yourselves!

Costco Bellatoria postcooking closeup

So I know, I know, it sounds crazy talking about a frozen fucking pizza cooking properly, but damn, anything other than a Tony’s or Totino’s, and I consistently get a shitty tasty pizza. The crust is nice and crispy like it should be, and everything is just hot and thoroughly heated. One last picture of a pizza slice:

Costco Bellatoria cut slice

Ah, cheesy goodness.

The Tasting

So how’s it taste? In a word, good. Not excellent, I mean, it’s frozen pizza. Nore does it have the excellent taste of nostalgia that a Totino’s has, even though it’s much crappier pizza. No, this pizza will be a pizza that can sustain you and fill you up if you pair it with some veggies and fruit. It’s surprisingly light – if particularly hungry one could probably at the whole thing in one sitting. This can probably be attributed to 1) the lack of vegetables on the pizza, and 2) the smallish size of the chicken. It’s a fact, but I wouldn’t hold that latter point as a knock against the pizza, it’s more about taste rather than size and the pizza delivers in that respect for sure. Although you might expect it to be a sodium bomb, the pizza is thankfully not overloaded in that respect.


Verdict: Best frozen pizza at Costco – but still a frozen pizza. A great choice on a lazy day though when you need some quick food.


3 thoughts on “Costco Cuisine: Bellatoria Ultra Thin Crust Garlic Chicken Alfredo Frozen Pizza

  1. Every time I go to Costco I never can find the chicken Alfredo pizza I love that pizza I would buy a case if I could. And if I could give me a price and I will come up with the money just let me know when your going to have them again. Thank you Linda

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